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Sooo I didn’t get that job

I was really bummed yesterday. Like whole bottle of wine (oops! It was over like 4 hours). I’m also annoyed though. I had an interview over the summer at that school and it went well. Last week’s went well too! I don’t understand why I keep on getting close to a job but not there yet. It’s very frustrating. Sometimes I want to give up!

Two down, one to go

Saw my dad this morning and he looked great! Almost like his normal self again. So that made me feel better.

My interview went well! It would be nice if I could get the job.

Now I just have a midterm. Studied but not an extraordinary amount. Thank goodness for multiple choice!

Today is an interesting day

It’s my birthday!! I love my birthday!!!
I took the day off from school but only because I have an interview!

But I also have a midterm in the afternoon.

And my dad is in the hospital because he had bypass surgery yesterday. The surgery went well and he will be fine. It’s just very jarring to see my dad hooked up to tubes and out of it.

I guess this is getting older.

I felt crafty today when making a package for my best friend. Honestly I like pink and hearts so I like Valentine’s Day. But I also like calling it Galentine’s Day better because I always only celebrate with my friends.

I love that the 90s are back. This is color changing nail polish from my birchbox! I definitely had this in 7th grade. And if I recall correctly it was called PMS!

I love that the 90s are back. This is color changing nail polish from my birchbox! I definitely had this in 7th grade. And if I recall correctly it was called PMS!

I was afraid there wouldn’t be any weird inflatable thins at the opening ceremony (a la the Vancouver beavers!) but I’m glad there is!


I’m applying to teach a “summer adventure” class…which is kinda like a cross between summer school and summer camp in my district I think.  I was going to apply to be just the normal kids in the kitchen teacher but my neighbor who also teaches some classes gave me an idea to incorporate children’s books as an inspiration for recipes.  I’ve had a few ideas so far - If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Pancakes, Pancakes, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.  But I think you tumblr teachers and tumblarians would have some even better ideas!  I’m aiming the class for K - 2.


I’m not ashamed to express my love for Bruno Mars

Getting tickets to his concert tomorrow!


When looking for a job, if you walked into an interview and said, “I have 10 years experience and an advanced degree. I have stellar evaluations from my previous employers, and letters of recommendation giving me accommodations. Here’s samples of my work, and here is a list of awards and…

Some things never change

11:15.  Just finished a paper for class tomorrow.  We were assigned it last week in lieu of class which was cancelled due to the snow storm.  Of course I didn’t start working on it until tonight at 8:00.  It was supposed to be only a one page narrative of classroom management relating to the text (and citing using APA format).  I don’t know how anyone could have done that in one page.  Mine is about two.  I also have no idea how to do APA format.  I hope I did it right!

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