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Sweet Life of a late 20-something living with her parents

It’s OK to believe in life after love. Cher if u agree

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Us, now that The Mindy Project is back in our Tuesday nights. 

I love this show.


Us, now that The Mindy Project is back in our Tuesday nights. 

I love this show.

Does anyone sleep well on Sunday nights?

Friday and Saturday I fell asleep at 10:30. Now when I have to get up in 5 hours I’m still wide awake. Same thing happened last Sunday too. Why do I get so nervous in the beginning of the week?!

Here’s my classroom! I love that it’s big! And look at all those cabinets!! Also I fell in love with the sock monkeys at the store and had to put them everywhere! I wish I did the letters all yellow though. I don’t love the layout of the whole room. For some reason that always happens to me…grass is always greener I guess?


I was left with a lot of things because the woman retired but I wanted to get some of my own stuff so it feels more me…so now my classroom theme will be Sock Monkeys!

My annual tumblr update

About 6 months ago I wrote about how I was really depressed that I didn’t get a job and didn’t know what my next step would be. Well half a year of waiting and a few more interviews later and I have a tenure track job!! Back to teaching 1st grade in a suburban town similar to the town I live in. I got hired on Wednesday and started on Thursday so it has been quite a whirlwind! I think it will take a few weeks to get myself adjusted but for right now I’m very happy and grateful!!

Sooo I didn’t get that job

I was really bummed yesterday. Like whole bottle of wine (oops! It was over like 4 hours). I’m also annoyed though. I had an interview over the summer at that school and it went well. Last week’s went well too! I don’t understand why I keep on getting close to a job but not there yet. It’s very frustrating. Sometimes I want to give up!

Two down, one to go

Saw my dad this morning and he looked great! Almost like his normal self again. So that made me feel better.

My interview went well! It would be nice if I could get the job.

Now I just have a midterm. Studied but not an extraordinary amount. Thank goodness for multiple choice!

Today is an interesting day

It’s my birthday!! I love my birthday!!!
I took the day off from school but only because I have an interview!

But I also have a midterm in the afternoon.

And my dad is in the hospital because he had bypass surgery yesterday. The surgery went well and he will be fine. It’s just very jarring to see my dad hooked up to tubes and out of it.

I guess this is getting older.

I felt crafty today when making a package for my best friend. Honestly I like pink and hearts so I like Valentine’s Day. But I also like calling it Galentine’s Day better because I always only celebrate with my friends.

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